MUMBAI :  A  woman died and 15 people are admitted in the Rural Hospital (RH) at Wada, in Palghar after they ate contaminated mutton during a "sangeet" (marriage eve) function at a village. One patient has been rushed to the Civil Hospital, Thane.

 The people, mostly tribals, had attended a late night prenuptials ceremony at Chendwali-Tuse village in Wada on late Wednesday night, and consumed the non vegetarian food served during the function, said Dr Pradip Jadhav, Superintendent, R H, Wada. Soon they started to  vomit, lose motions and abdominal aches and since Thursday morning, the patients started to report to our hospital, he said. We admitted 15 patients and a woman patient, Dipika Kambdi (28) has been admitted in the Thane Civil hospital, as her condition is critical, but she is responding to treatment,said the medico. One woman, Giraji Ladkya Dandekar (53) died due to a heart attack and the post mortem report did not show that she had eaten the contaminated meat,and also she hailed from the same village,said Dr Jadhav. 

When our team went to the village to collect the samples of the food, the caterers  had thrown away the entire remaining food and so we could not get the samples for forensic analysis,said Dr Jadhav. But majority of the patients said they had consumed mutton, and showed signs of food poisoning, he said.

The mutton was cooked in an Aluminium handi (vessel) which may have not been properly washed by the caterer, and was cooked sometime during the noon as is the practice by the tribals, so that they could drink and dance during the prenuptials ceremony, and due to the scorching summer heat, the food got contaminated, and the people ate the rotten meat, and showed food poisonining symptoms, said Dr Jadhav.