MUMBAI : Two minors, all school going girls, were rescued from Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, after they were kidnapped by two men, by luring them into marriage from Virar in late March. The girls left home by leaving a small note kept in their satchels about their marriage plans to the two men, which their parents found out and a case was registered by the Virar police.


Ravi Vasudev Kumar (20) and Babu Pratap Waghela (20) both residents of Gadgapada in Virar (E) have been arrested said PSI Uttam Totre of Virar police station. On 29  March, the two accused lured the two girls by promising them marriage and took them to their village in UP by lying to the girls that they owned massive property in their native place. The girls left their Virar home after leaving a note in their satchels about the marriage plans, which the parents found out and they complained to us,said Totre.


We had no clues, but we questioned Ravi's relatives and we learnt that Ravi has ran away to Sultanpur district in UP and alongwith the relatives and the girl's father, we set out to the village,said Totre. We visited atleast 3 districts and 6 talukas in the said area, as we found out that the boy's mother who stayed  in the UP village would call  Ravi and he would get alerted about the police lookout, who would change location, just when we reached the said spot,said Totre. This went on for 10 days and we were clueless, said Totre.


Luckily on Wednesday night, we were searching the Madhuban village in UP when we spotted the four, the 2 boys and the 2 victims, walking on the desolate road as there was no transport available to take them to another location and they were standing at a distance and we devised a plan,said Totre. Just then, an accomplice of Ravi got a call from the accused and we picked up the phone and said we will arrest the accomplice and told them to surrender and the panicked two men, returned to the said spot and we arrested them under Section 363 (kidnapping), 376 (rape), of the IPC and also under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,2012 and after securing a transit remand from the UP court the two accused are on the way to Virar,said Totre. The two girls would be reunited with their parents and will be let off with a warning, he said.