MUMBAI :  Around 200 families of a chawl in Kargil Nagar,in Virar are doing night vigil in their area, in an attempt to nab miscreants who pelted stones, rocks on their asbestos roofs of their chawl rooms in the dead of the night. Till now, the Virar police have not been able to catch the miscreants, while the residents are living in fear each night.

Since the past month, unknown miscreants would pelt the rocks on the roofs of the chawls in the Manvelpada area in Kargil Nagar, Virar (E). As a result, there are huge holes in the roofs and putting the lives of the residents at risk, as the stones break the asbestos sheet roofs and fall in their rooms.

Shailesh Lane,a resident of the area said,since the past month we are facing a new fear in the form of stones being pelted onto our overhead roofs, and falling directly inside our rooms. We do not know who the miscreants are and why they are throwing the rocks on the roofs,said Lane. To prevent rats, snakes and other reptiles coming from the roofs into our rooms, we have put packaging tapes on the holes,said Lane.

Roshni Gawde, a home maker in the area, said we are constantly in fear as the stones would fall anytime of the night, and while we are cooking in the kitchen, we fear that the stones would fall on us. So  much so, some of the mothers would put a temporary jhoola (swing) made of sarees under the roof, so that the stones would not fall on the creches (cots) in the room, where infants would be sleeping and it would be a tragic incident,she said.  The menfolk keep  night vigil and the next morning, need to report to work, and are deprived of sleep, so as to catch the culprits,she said. The night vigil commences at around 2300 hours and end at 0400 hours the next morning, in an attempt to catch the miscreants,she said.


Jayant Bajbale, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Virar said we have intensified night patrolling in the Kargil Nagar so as to nab the culprits and we will be successful in catching the accused.We have received a petition from the residents about the menace and are making all attempts to catch the culprits, said Bajbale.