MUMBAI : An eighteen year old boy has been arrested for allegedly murdering his mother alongwith his father and nephew in Nalla Sopara. Though the murder  took place on 21 January, the arrest was made on Wednesday. The victim was the second wife.

On 21 January night, the body of a woman was found in a desolate spot near the NallaSopara (W) railway station and the body was identified as Kusum Prajapati (38) who stayed alone in  Jata Shankar chawl in Santosh Bhuwan in Nalla Sopara (E) and worked in an Andheri firm as a  helper. She was the second wife of Ram Milan Ram Pyare Prajapati (45) who stays in Hawaipada, Nalla Sopara (E) and did odd jobs for a living. Prajapati had married thrice, with his first wife staying in his native place in UP, while Kusum was his second wife and Prajapati stayed with his third wife in Nalla Sopara alongwith Kusum's four children. 

Two years ago, Prajapati had sold Kusum's chawl to a Mira Road buyer for Rs 6 lakhs but Kusum was unwilling to leave the chawl, as she did not receive her share of the sale of property. Though Kusum is estranged, Prajapati did not give her the share, and both would fight on the issue and the buyer was asking for the refund as he did not get ownership of the chawl. So Prajapati hatched a plan to murder Kusum as she was constantly nagging him for the money, said PI Kerubhau Kolhe of Nalla Sopara police station.

Prajapati roped his own son, Mahesh Kumar (18) and nephew Mahendra Kumar to murder Kusum. As per plans, Mahesh called his mother to Nalla Sopara station, with the excuse of meeting her, and when she met her son,  both walked towards a desolate spot, where Mahendra Kumar was laying in wait, and in a second, Mahesh pushed his mother, who fell in the bushes and as she fell,Mahesh whipped out a knife and slashed her neck and stabbed her multiple  times and alongwith Mahendra dumped the body amongst the bushes and fled.said Katkar.After the murder, Mahesh called his father, and the latter told them to leave the spot and return home.

We took possession of the body but we did not have any clue but we found a soiled chit which was kept in the blouse of the victim and we contacted a Kopakhairne number where the victim had called for a job and the body was identified and our first suspicion was on Prajapati  as we traced the Call Data Records(CDRs) and based on evidence, we arrested the trio for murder. The trio accused are remanded in police custody when produced before the Vasai court on Wednesday.