The  fire in the Novaphene Speciality, Boisar MIDC on Thursday midnight. Four nearby units have been charred completely. 

Mumbai : Three  bodies​ identified as Pintu Kumar Gautam, Janu Adaria and Alok Nath ​ all contract workers in the  resounding blast which occurred in a pharma unit in Boisar MIDC area on Thursday midnight. Fifteen workers are injured and are admitted in three hospitals in Boisar. One worker, Nackched Singh is in a coma and admitted in the Tungha Hospital at Mira Road, said doctors. The three charrred bodies were found  when Fire Brigade personnel entered for cooling operations confirmed Manjunath Singe,SP,Palghar. 

Meantime there were 40 blasts heard from the Novaphene Speciality said Dr Prashant Narnaware District Collector. It is clear that the said unit did not follow any safety precautions and due to an exothermic reaction the blast occured in the solven drums and we are probing and the guilty will be charged under the relevant sections of the IPC and we may recommend to the government to cancel the manufacturing licence of the guilty units.

The DISH  was formed to look into the industrial compliances post last year's Industrial Fire incident in Wada Taluka, Palghar. Even I had conducted a meeting, headed by me which had officials from concerned departments like MIDC and MPCB and were given instructions regarding the safety concerns and other important issues. Tarapur MIDC was the most important as there are around 1100 chemical units which store hazardous and flammable chemicals said Dr Narnaware . DISH has failed to take the correct measures and hence we will be forwarding a report to the state government to conduct an inquiry into these lapses he added.

 series of blasts occurred in a reputed pharma company in Boisar MIDC chemical zone on Thursday midnight, of  which 15​ persons are injured, including 3 serious. The injured have been admitted in a Boisar private hospital, and may be shifted to Mumbai as their condition is serious. Four surrounding chemical units were also gutted due to the blast in one of the chemical plant. 

According to preliminary reports, the blasts occurred in the 25 drums of 200 litre each containing solvent in the Novaphene Speciality Limited, Plot E-107, Boisar MIDC, 120 kms from Mumbai. The first blast was reported at around 2340 hours and contiuous blasts were heard. So much so, tremors of the blasts could be felt 12 km from the spot in Palghar, Mahim, Boisar and surrounding areas from the spot. Doors, glass panes of nearby houses were shattered.

Said Manjunath Singe, Superintendent of Police (SP), the entire govenment machinery are at the spot, led by Dr Prashant Narnaware, District Collector. Fire brigade from Vasai, Bhiwandi, Palghar, Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS), Reliance Thermal, Dahanu, Thane and Palghar civic tenders are still at the spot, controlling the fire, which is still to be doused he said. Around 25 fire tenders are fighting the raging fire,he said. The officials from the Director of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH) Vasai are to reach the spot and then prepare a report of the cause of the fire and submit it to the Boisar MIDC police,who have registered a case of accident.  

As a precautionary measure, roads have cordoned off, and power to 57 industrial units (20 High Tension (HT) units and 37 Low Tension (LT) units)  near the spot have been switched off as the two 11 KV each feeders have been shut,said a MSEDCL official. 

Atleast ​4 surrounding​ industries : Prachi Industries (manufacturing Iodine), Bharat Rasayan, Arti Industries (a major pharma unit manufacturing vitamins), and ​Unimax have been partially or completely destroyed,said Singe, due to the blast in Novaphene unit. There are 2,000 plus chemical units in Boisar MIDC chemical zone in Palghar district. The Novaphene Speciality company headoffice is located in Dahisar and is owned by the Shah Group which manufactures, acid chlorides, reagents, personal cosmetic care, pharmaceutical intermediates and other products since the past 5 decades.

Meantime, API Kishore Shinde of Boisar MIDC police station said a case of accidental death have been registered with us and are awaiting the post mortem report of the three victims. We will take the statements of the injured after they are discharged from the hospital,he said. We are also awaiting the report from DISH, Vasai and later a FIR will be registered once we receive the report, said API Shinde.​