MUMBAI :  A 3 year old Nursery student from Palghar has become the youngest mountaineer to scale the 4,829 feet (1472 metre) high Dhodap fort in Chandad taluka, in Nasik district. The fort is the second highest in the Sahyadi mountains, after Salher.  

Reyansh Daruwale (3,pictured)  stays with father Abhay (40) who is an interior designer by profession who is  an avid trekker himself. Reyansh achieved the feet within 3.30 hours on Saturday  and gave a sign of victory on reaching the summit. According to the records at the grampanchayat of  Hatti village located 3 kms from the fort,  the boy is the youngest mountaineer to scale this peak,said Prakash Patil, a member of the gram panchayat.

Abhay, and 13 other family members and friends decided to usher in the New Year by taking up the trek. We had a clear goal in the upbringing of Reyansh, and that is to inculcate in him love for environment and to challenge their physical strengh, and to set an example, I myself would take up trekking expeditions and Reyansh would observe me,said Abhay.

During the trek, we took all safety precautions like proper headgear, and other equipments or Reyansh as the trek is itself a risky one,said Abhay. The temperature was a chilling 6 degrees at Dhodap and despite the chilling weather, Reyansh decided to trek,said Abhay. It was Reyansh's first attempt and we confronted the rocky terrain which had a nearly 200 foot drop and was difficult,said Abhay.

Reyansh was also at ease during the return to the base camp and it is a big achievement for us,said Abhay. Meantime, Rajendra Gavit, MP from Palghar has already issued a certificate of appreciation to Reyansh and will be felicitated at a public function during the Republic Day in Palghar.


The site is one of the hill forts in the State and is situated in Chandwad taluka, Nashik district. The fort is 4,829 feet above sea level  and is the second highest fort in the Sahyadri mountains after Salher. The Dhodap hill is the third highest hill peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubai and Salher and the 29th highest peak in the Western Ghats. The fort played an important role during the Peshwa period, where Raghobadada Peshwa hatched a plot against Madhavrao Peshwa. The great Maratha warrior Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj had also visited the fort to store treasures after winning a war in Surat.