Five police personnel, including Bharat Jadhav,  Senior Police Inspector (SrPI) of Waliv police station have been transferred  for allegedly going easy on a gambling racket which was going on in a reputed Vasai resort on  the night of 1 September. The Superintendent of Police (SP) Palghar has instituted a preliminary inquiry into the incident and as per procedure, the five cops have been transferred to the Palghar Control Room as punishment. Shockingly, the Waliv police initially arrested four gamblers and after they were let off by paying penalty, three of the arrested accused were again seen playing at the resort, during the second raid conducted by the special force of the SP,Palghar, in which 64 gamblers were arrested, and cash and vehicles worth Rs 1.63 crore were seized.

  On 1 September, an informer tipped off Gaurav Singh, SP,Palghar about the gambling racket in the Krishna Resort, Vasai, where gamblers from Udaipur, Baroda, Kheda, Surat, Borivali, Mira Road and other places had arrived in swanky cars to gamble at the resort. The SP then informed the Waliv police and a "raid" was conducted wherein the police "arrested" 4 gamblers and seized a mere Rs 6,000 cash. The Waliv police then informed Gaurav Singh about the "successful" raid and thought the matter would end, but an informer again called Singh and said gambling was still active and three out of the four  arrested persons who were initially arrested were also replaying at the resort, which invited the ire of Singh, who ordered his special force to reconduct the raid,without informing the Waliv police! During the second raid, 64 gamblers were arrested and Rs 1.63 crore cash and vehicles were seized,much to the embarrassment of the Waliv police!

  Meantime, the SP ordered an inquiry into the incident and also seized the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from the resort, where the gambling was going on,  and as part of the procedure, transferrred SrPI Bharat Jadhav, API Sudhir Dayarkar, and three constables, Sachin Chavan, Umesh Patil, and Vijay Chavan to the Palghar Police Control Room. The SP, Gaurav Singh has confirmed about the transferred and said PI Prakash Birajdar who headed Boisar MIDC police station has taken charge of Waliv police station. We will not spare any of the guilty police officers after the inquiry report is received to me said Singh.