MUMBAI : Around 576 students of a tribal school in Dundhalwadi in Dahanu are attending school in the open due to the mild tremors which is reported in the area since November. 

So much so, 576 students who reside in the ashramshala (hostel) run by the Shikshan Prasaran Mandali,Dahanu and also attend school, have preferred to leave the hostel and stay with their parents located 6 kms vicinity of the area and attend school as a day student said a tutor of the school. So much so, the absenteeism is also on the rise with an average 100 kids not reporting to school daily he said.The absenteeism have increased post Diwali vacations when the school reopened and also when the mild tremors were recorded he said.

So we have constructed a temporary shed and covered it with tarpaulin sheets and provided the boarders bedsheets,blankets and pillows to them so that they could stay inside the temporary sheds as we also provide food including breakfast and lunch daily but the students prefer to go to their homes instead after school he said and not stay with us due to the tremor fear he said.

 Fear among the residents are also on the rise said Anand Thakur,MLC of the area. The tribal residents are staying in the open and spend the chilly nights near their homes so if they stay away there are chances of theft of property said Thakur.The government should construct community temporary sheds so that the residents stay inside them and not sleep outdoors as there are chances of snake and scorpion bites he said.

Mild tremors continue to rock Dahanu, weeks after geologists Kamlesh Chowdhary from the National Centre for Seismology, New Delhi  of the Ministry of Earth Sciences​  and Kiran Narkhede of theRegional Meteological Department (RMD) Colaba installed a seismogram to study the tremors in the above areas. The team had arrived on 11 December   stationed in Dahanu and left on 13 December primarily to study the seismic tremors experienced in Dahanu and Talasari  talukas in Palghar district. The seismogram will be giving readings of the tremors till March 2019 and only then the geologists would be able to give their analysis on the tremors.

 Since the past two months, 8 mild tremors were measured in the above villages,  scaring villagers who prefer to stay outdoors in the 12°C  chilly wintery nights  for safety purpose. The equipment have been installed in Vedanta Hospital at Dundhalwadi in Dahanu where the tremors have been received said Rahul Sarang,Tehsildar,Dahanu.

The mild quakes have caused cracks in our mud houses and we are scared as we also heard some utensils tumbling down from the makeshift wooden racks,said Santosh Patil, a resident of Nareshwadi village located in Dahanu. Similar shakes were experienced since the past few months,said Patil. Doors and windows began to rattle due to the quake,and we are scared for our lives,said Tulsiram Chowdhary,another resident of the village with pillars of our houses also uprooted. . 

Advanced equipments have been installed to record the tremors in Dahanu  to assess and record future seismic tremors said Sarang.The geologists found it  difficult to find the epicentre of the mild tremors so the seismogram have been installed in the hospital where the mild tremors were experienced in November and in December, said Sarang.

However, people of the above two areas are not taking any chances,and since the past week are spending the nights in the open air, braving the chilly winds,due to the winter season.