Mumbai : A 7 foot dead dolphin washed ashore Bhayander creek on Wednesday dawn. The dolphin was found between two boats which was anchored off Jesal Park, Bhayander (E). The mammal had injuries near its mouth area and tail fin and it is possible that the dolphin may have been hit by a passing fishing trawler.

Said Dennis Maalya, a fisherman from Bhayander, the dolphin was sighted by a fisherman near Koliwada, near Jesal Park, who had come to remove anchor and was to set sail for fishing, when he saw the mammal stuck between two boats.He called me and I reached the spot, and found the mammal was already dead, he said.

We called the local Forest Department official who reached the spot and on his suggestion, we cremated the dolphin on the beach itself. Said Bhushan Bhoir, Assistant Profession, Dandekar College, Palghar,  rising sea pollution, ingestion of waste plastic and sometimes poaching at high seas, could have led to the mammal's death. Since the past months dead dolphins  have been washed ashore have been reported in Mumbai and Raigad district.