Mumbai : Around 98 candidates who are either engineering, medical doctors, advocate, and holding other graduates and even a qualified classical singer who have applied for the 160 odd posts for constables in Palghar Police district whose recruitment drive began last week. Even though the minimum qualification is a mere Std XII, many high qualified candidates have entered the fray.

According to Manjunath Singe, Superintendent of Police (SP), Palghar, around 19, 560 candidates - men and women- have applied for the 160 posts for constables in Palghar police district, organised  by the Maharashtra State Police Recruitment Board, which is on the higher side this year. 

The response to the Palghar police recruitment drive shows that around 98 candidates who are  highly qualified for the constable post, which includes 30 holding B.E, 18 B.Science, 17 B.Sc (Agriculture), 12 B Sc.Tech, 8 Ayurvedic doctors, 6 B.Pharm, 3 B.Tech, and other degrees, including two candidates are holding Interior Design degrees, and one qualified advocate and even a trained classical singer!

This shows that the 98 qualified candidates are not only unemployed but are also willing to take up a job even though they have high educational qualifications,said a police officer who is part  of the recruitment drive.

The physical tests for the constables post started last Monday and will end on 20 March,said Singe. We conduct the tests in batches of 2,500 daily and the tests start at around 0400 hours at the Kolgaon Police ground in Palghar,said an official. The physical tests includes pull ups, discus throw, long jump, and also 100 m and 1,600 m running and the all the timings are recorded through computers, so there are no chance of any wrong data, said the official.  We have also  installed CCTV cameras all along the ground, for transparency and any candidate can get the timings verified as we have the recordings,he said.  The final written exams of the successful candidates who pass in the physical tests will be sometime this year,he said, he added. 

For the recruitment drive, the Palghar police district is under the supervision of 1 Additional Superintendent of Police, 4 Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySPs),14 Police Inspectors (PIs), 43 Police Sub Inspectors(PSIs),75 officers and 317 police constables and is monitored by Singe,said the official.

According to police sources, once the highly qualified candidates get selected for constables and after serving the post for a year they will be appearing for higher posta in the police force either through inter departmental exams or through the Maharashtra Public Service Commission(MPSC) to achieve their goal but for the meantime their only intention is to join the force, even as a constable, he said.