MUMBAI : A 24-year-old unemployed and confirmed alcoholic man from Vasai banged the head  his 64-year-old mother against a wall after she questioned him for coming home late and disturbing the neighbourhood. In a fit of rage he banged her head against a wall killing her instantly. Next he laid the body in a sleeping position and called his sister to "inform about the death." A shocked sister informed the Manickpur police who has arrested the accused son for murder.

Amit Nair on Saturday early morning after the murder   called up one of his married sisters’ and informed about the murder of his mother Lata Nair said a senior police official.

Amit has a history of alcohol and he is also unemployed said police.Amit stayed with his aged mother at Manickpur in Vasai ( west) while his three elder sisters are married. Amit would come home drunk in the wee hours and would ring the doorbell incessantly irking the neighbours and his mother said police. So the mother would reprimand him for his late coming and the duo would have wordy duel in this regard said police.

On Saturday morning at around 0100 hours Amit rang the doorbell  and Lata refused to open the door for him and asked him to spend the night outside in the pouring downpour. Irked,Amit created a scene and disturbed the neighbours so Lata opened the door and gave him a final warning said police.

As soon as Amit entered the house, he and Lata got into a verbal  fight and in a fit of rage smashed the head of his mother against a wall and then she collapsed on the floor.

Later at around 05.30 am, Amit called one of his sisters and told her about the murder who in turned informed the police who arrived at the house and  arrested Amit said police. We have arrested him for murder under Section 302 of the IPC and will produce him before the Vasai court on Sunday said police.