MUMBAI: Just two days ago a live World War II bomb was found in a field of Mahendra Patil in Devli, Wada, Palghar, another live bomb was found on a small hillock located in the field of another farmer in Wada on Friday afternoon. The bomb is now safely guarded with gunnybags filled with sands as a temporary arrangement, unless the Indian Army bomb disposal squad from New Delhi arrive to diffuse the bomb next week.

 Said Dinesh Kurhade, Tehsildar, Wada, on Friday afternoon, at Sasane villag, some labourers were pruning bushes and other weeds to prepare the field for the ensueing monsoons, when they hit upon an iron object, and they informed the Wada police who reached the spot and after examining the object, it was a live bomb said Kurhade. Confirming the same, Sr PI Sudam Shinde of Wada police station, said we have put some armed men at the spot and put up sand bags around the bomb as a preventive measure.

 As we have already written to the Indian Army, New Delhi bomb squad, we will also take the armymen to the Devli as well as the Sasane villages where the two bombs were found,said the official. Incidentally, Sasane is located 3 kms away from Devli.


According to Jayesh Shelar, a resident of Wada, rocket missles, bullets and other explosive scraps, all remains of the Iraq war is found in the villages especially near the Ambitgar area, located nearby.  Many empty shells and unexploded bombs may lie abandoned inside closed furnace company in Amitgar. The iron scrap had been imported to India in containers  and purchased by scrap dealers in Thane district and brought to the furnace companies to melt the iron,said Shelar. Earlier, there had been some reports of blasts in private scrapyards in Wada and the then Thane Rural police had collected the entire containers of explosive scrap and dumped it in the closed company at Ambitgar. We do not know whether the two bombs found in the last two days may belong to the explosive scrap, said Shelar. We are waiting for the Indian Army personnel to get confirmation in this regard and also to diffuse the bomb,said Kurhade. But as far as information goes, some 13-15 villages in Wada including Devli, Sasane and others were using as firing range by the British during the World War II and due to the testing of the bombs, some may have exploded while some remained intact,said Kurhade.