As monsoon withdrawal delayed, IMD predicts rain over Pune till mid-October

PUNE : Pune city and neighbouring areas will continue to experience wet days till October 10. The Southwest monsoon is expected to start withdrawing from the northwestern parts of the country towards the end of this week, around October 10 or October 11. Depending on this, the retreat over Maharashtra and other areas in central India will be realised.

With a trough running between Maharashtra and Goa, officials of India Meteorological Department (IMD) have forecast more rainfall over Pune district from October 7 to October 10.

“The monsoon winds have weakened, but there will be rainfall, mostly convective in nature, mainly triggered by the sudden rise in day temperatures. As a result, the rainfall will be limited for a short duration accompanied by thunder, mostly experienced in the afternoon hours. The intense rainfall spells could range between light and moderate intensity during this short span of time,” the IMD said.

While monsoon withdrawal from parts of Maharashtra is not expected before October 15, IMD has stated that cloudy weather and thunderstorms will continue at isolated places in the state. This includes Konkan and Marathwada regions, mainly during October 11 and October 16.