At 4 pm on Dussehra day, cities record ‘satisfactory to moderate’ AQI

PUNJAB : As Punjab celebrated Dussehra Tuesday, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the state’s cities was ‘satisfactory to moderate’ at 4 pm. Experts said that it was likely to deteriorate after effigy burning, the figures for which will be available at 4 pm Wednesday.

According to the data available at the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) website at 4 pm on October 8, Amritsar’s AQI was recorded ‘satisfactory’ with the presence of 81 suspended particulate matter (RSPM) per cubic meter (mg/cm) before 4 pm and 70 RSPM at 4 pm. RSMP between 0-55 mg/cm)in the air is considered to be good quality air and it is permissible/satisfactory up to 100 RSPM. The moderate limit of AQI is between 101 to 220 RSPM.

The AQI of all the other major cities was also recorded between satisfactory and moderate. Jalandhar recorded an AQI of 64 (satisfactory), Bathinda recorded 104 (moderate), Patiala’s AQI was 77 before 4 pm and 52 at 4 pm (satisfactory), Mandi Gobindgarh recorded moderate AQI at 141 before 4 pm and 143 at 4 pm. Ludhiana’s AQI was 84 during the day and 54 at 4 pm (satisfactory), Rupnagar’s AQI was 78 (satisfactory) and Khanna witnessed 71 AQI (satisfactory) at 4 pm, respectively. The AQI of Delhi was moderate on Dussehra day at 112 RSPM.

Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) officials said that it was good thing that AQI in Punjab was still satisfactory to moderate even on Dussehra festival.