At AIIMS, doctors remove tumour weighing 18 kg from woman’s stomach

NEW DELHI : What started as minor swelling and loss of appetite soon grew into a tumour in the ovary of a 47-year-old woman, who was successfully operated upon at AIIMS Thursday. The tumour, removed from the abdomen of the Shalimar Bagh resident, weighed 17.8 kg.For the last three months, she had been worried about  swelling in her stomach. As the mass grew, she had trouble breathing.

“Initially, she went to other hospitals, but the family couldn’t bear the cost so they came to AIIMS. The CT scan revealed the tumour was growing inside her ovary. It was a cystical tumour full of fluid. Due to the presence of liquids, the abdomen became very  heavy,” said Dr M D Ray, department of surgical oncology, AIIMS.

She was admitted to the institute a month-and-a-half ago, but doctors had to wait for a month as her platelet count was too high.

“Around 17.8 kg ovarian mass was removed from her abdomen. We started preparations after consulting doctors from the haematology department,” added Dr Ray. She walked in weighing 58 kg, and went down to 40 kg after a six-hour-long surgery.

Doctors said incidents of ovarian tumours are gradually increasing with cases of breast cancer. “Changing lifestyle is among the most important reasons for this new trend,” Dr Ray said.