MUMBAI : The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) on Wednesday seized an Innova car (MH48 AK 7626) belonging to Hindutva activist  Vaibhav Raut which was parked at the backside of his two floor residence in Bhandarali in Nalla Sopara. The ATS squad were accompanied by State Reserve Police(SRP) and local  Nalla Sopara police officials.

At around 1500 hours, the ATS squad arrived at the residence with Raut in a burkha and straight away went to the second floor building and told Laxmi, wife of Raut to submit the documents of the Innova SUV belonging to Raut.For nearly 50 minutes the ATS squad were inside the building.


When news spread that Raut has been brought for questioning at his residence, locals crowded the house and demanded to the ATS personnel to remove the burkha as they felt that the person with the burkha was not Vaibhav, but the ATS personnel refused to oblige the crowd. 

The ATS officers then went behind the house, and entered a small lane -Chincholiya  Gulli- where the Innova was parked and Raut was made to sit in another car,while cops drove away the SUV.