Battle of contrasts as England, New Zealand vie for maiden title

ENGLAND : England and New Zealand will face off in a historic battle for the World Cup crown at Lord’s in London on Sunday. Neither team have won the title before this, and so a new nation is set to be world champions. This will also be the first final since the 1992 World Cup not involving Australia or India.

The World Cup title had never been won by the host nation before 2011, but has been won by hosts India and Australia in the last two editions, a pattern which favours England.

Team News: England and New Zealand have had contrasting World Cup campaigns, even having contrasting results in the semifinal. While New Zealand outwitted India in a high-pressure low-scoring thriller, England rode all over Australia.The contrasts in the two teams is also summed up by the contrasting leadership styles of Kane Williamson and Eoin Morgan. Williamson’s team have followed the maxim of maximum utilization of resources, while Morgan’s men have followed the maxim of ruthless cricket.