MUMBAI : The  body of a semi blind commuter was found in a ditch near the railway track near Saphale in Palghar on Thursday, after he was hit by a pole and he fell from a train. The body lay in the ditch for two days,and only surfaced on Thursday morning. The Saphale police have registered a case of accidental death and are investigating further.

Aniket Eeswhar Deotale (22) a resident of Nagpur died allegedly after being hit by a pole (Pole Number 79/15) between Kelwe Road station and Saphale stations on Tuesday. After the fall, Deotale tumbled down to a ditch where he died and no officials knew about the incident. As per railway rules, the loco pilot or guard should have informed about the incident, but none of them were aware, and hence we were also not knowing about the incident, said a Palghar GRP official.

As the case occurred in Saphale, the city police are probing the case. We have informed the relatives and they are on the way from Nagpur to claim the body,said API Sunil Jadhav of Saphale police station. The body has been sent for post mortem and its report is awaited, he said. As from the documents found near the body the victim was a Polytechnic student of a Nagpur college and also we found an ID card issued by the Social Welfare Department of the ZP, Nagpur which shows that Deotale was 40 per cent blind and the ID card was issued so as to avail him travel in handicapped coaches and also to get railway concession in tickets, said an official.