MUMBAI : The Boisar MIDC police have arrested a 22 year old man who had allegedly kidnapped and raped a 13 year old survivor and was missing since 20 June. The police finally arrested the man and rescued the minor on 2 August and the minor has been handed over to her parents. The detection squad travelled 6,000 kms and crossed 4 States to arrest the accused.

On 20 June, the 13 year minor residing with her parents in Boisar went missing from a clinic where her brother was being treated while her mother was inside, and the survivor was waiting outside the clinic,said PSI Somnath Kadam,of Boisar MIDC police. The victim's father searched for her and finally he registered a case of kidnapping against unknown persons with us,he said. We started to probe and after going through the Call Data Records (CDRs) we found that there were frequent calls to a number and we traced it to Borivali and when we reached the spot, the accused was also missing from the hotel,where he worked as a cook,said the official, and the needle of suspicion fell on him. Just a month ago, the victim's family had shfted from Borivali to Boisar MIDC and the girl and man became friends, and after showing the accused photo on his WhatsApp display, the father identified the accused,said PSI Kadam. We left for Nepal and soon we learnt that the accused was working somewhere in  in Sonpat district in Haryana and when we reached the spot, the accused had already fled but we got clue and the man was arrested from Bhutana Kundu village in Haryana and we decided to go to Nepal to rescue the girl, as she was with the parents of the accused. 

The police team braved landslides, rainfall in Uttaranchal and finally we reached the Indo-Nepal border at Tamli village in Champavat district, Uttaranchal, and Nepal was just acrossthe swollen Mahakali river and it was difficult to cross, so we contacted the officials of the under construction Pancheshwar dam project who were using ropeway to carry materials for the project and we sent a team to theh other side of the river and told the residents of Nepal to get the minor girl, as we have arrested the accused,said PSI Kadam. Finally, the girl using the ropeway was handed over to us, and we returned to Boisar on 3 August and we arrested the acused under Section 363 (kidnapping), 376 (rape) of the IPC and also applied Sections of the POCSOA, 2012 and is remanded in police custody till 9 August when produced before the Palghar court and we hae reunited the girl with her parents, said the official.

To rescue the girl, we covered 6,000  kms by road, rail and crossed 4 States of Delhi, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,he said.