MUMBAI : Honesty is still the best policy! A 14 year old boy found a bag containing Rs 40,000 cash and other documents after a man dropped it while riding his scooter and was unaware in Palghar on Friday. The boy told his father, a daily wager about the incident and the boy could not sleep the night, and the father called the Saphale police, who advised him to come on Saturday morning. The bag containing the cash has been returned to the owner and the police have felicitated the boy for his honesty.

Abhishek Patel (14) a Std VIII student of a Marathi medium school in Saphale, on Friday late evening, found a bag at a spot in the town. On curiousity, he opened the bag only to find a wad of Rs 500 denomination notes and other documents,said API Sunil Jadhav of the Saphale police station. He then narratted the episode to his father, Surendra (50), who that night called us and informed about the incident, but we advised him to come the next morning, he said.

On Saturday morning, the boy and his mother came to us,as his father had go to for his daily wage job at a construction site, and after opening the bag, we found the cash, bank documents and other materials,  and from the bank passbook, we called Jayesh Thakur, the owner of the bag and told him to come to the police station, said the official.

According to police, Thakur had put the bag by hanging on the accelerator handle of his bike, and while riding through the town, the bag accidentally fell on the road, and he was unaware about the same, and the boy found the bag,said the official. The cash was withdrawn by Thakur for buying farming implements and pesticides for his farm,said police.

After verifying Thakur's credentials, we handed over the bag containing the cash to him and also we felicitated the boy for showing his honesty, said the official.