Chennai: Preethi Ramadoss, a research scholar from the Department of Crystal Growth Centre of Anna University, has come up with a biodegradable sanitary napkin which does not contain any plastics and can degrade within a month.

When asked about what inspired her, she said that he made this product after being a witness to problems faced by women during their periods. She also said that his love for the environment was one of the reasons as well.

She said, "Complications that women face during periods and my love for environment inspired me to invent this napkin. It degrades within a month and can also be flushed in toilet"

Talking about the material used in the napkins, Preethi said that the napkin is made of cellulose derivatives. It has turmeric, vettiver and neem and lemon extracts. She further said that the product has been tested against common pathogens responsible for bacterial vaginosis in women.