Chennai water crisis brings Kasimedu residents to their knees

CHEENAI : The age-old adage ‘Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’ seems to hold true for residents of Kasimedu in North Chennai, who live in tenements that are a mere 100 metres away from the Kasimedu Fishing Harbour, also known as Royapuram Fishing Harbour, but scramble for water in parched Chennai

While the city has been reeling under an acute water crisis which peaked this summer, residents of Kasimedu have been hit hard, due to erratic Metrowater supply and no means to pay for expensive private tankers who have doubled their prices since the crisis began in Chennai.

People here rely on groundwater and water supplied to public tanks by Metrowater to meet all their needs, right from drinking to cleaning up the catch at the market.

Residents of Kasimedu, most of whom work at the Kasimedu Fish Market next to the harbour blamed the scanty rainfall for the ongoing water crisis. “It has been four days since I took a bath. I am hoping that I can take a bath at least today and have asked my family to fill up water if we get any”, said 60-year-old Kaliammal, who has resided at Kasimedu all her life.