Coming soon in Maharashtra: Interceptor vehicles with speed guns, breathalysers, tint meters

MAHARASHTRA : This week, interceptor vehicles equipped with speeds guns, breathalysers, and tint meters will be deployed on Maharashtra’s highways to curb the flagrant violation of traffic rules.

The Maharashtra State Highway Police has recently purchased 96 Maruti Ertigas and converted them into detectors of traffic rule violations in an effort to curb accidents.

Vijay Patil, Superintendent of Police, State Highway Police, said that so far penal action has only been concentrated to Mumbai and other major cities in Maharashtra.

“There is a need to bring discipline on other major highways in the state,” he said, adding that the vehicles would be deployed in two-three days.

In 2018, 13,269 people were killed in road accidents across the state while over 20,000 people were seriously injured. An analysis found that speeding contributed to 30 per cent of those mishaps.

The interceptors will be deployed in all districts apart from Mumbai.

“We have identified black spots in each district where accidents take place frequently. The interceptor vehicles have been distributed depending on the accident figures,” Patil added.

Patil said that the laser speed guns equipped in the cars will automatically detect speeding, identify the errant vehicles and dispatch e-challans. “Earlier, our personnel used to aim speed guns in the direction of the vehicles and manually record details. This would result in errors. The algorithm in the new speedguns calculate speeds limits for small and large vehicles and record an offence using automatic number plate recognition,” he added.

However, Patil added that in cases of cars using fancy number plates or those in which the numerals are written in Devanagari script, police personnel monitoring the progress of each case will step in.

“If the number plate of an errant vehicle is found not be standard, we will issue a challan for another offence,” he said.