Dean Ambrose bids farewell, The Undertaker chokeslams Elias

ROME : Superstar Dean Ambrose bid farewell to WWE on Monday night RAW. After the main event, Seth Rollins asked Roman Reigns to join him at the ring and the duo invited Ambrose to come out and deliver his farewell speech. This, however, happened after RAW went off air but the video was released by WWE on their website.

Ambrose didn’t wrestle at WrestleMania 35, and his match against Bobby Lashley at RAW was called off after the superstar slammed the former WWE champion on the commentators’ table.

‘The Lunatic’ lauded his Shield teammate Rollins for smashing Brock Lesnar’s head in the ring to reclaim the WWE Universal title. He also praised Roman for battling Leukemia and returning to the RAW.

“One of the sweetest sights that I have ever seen as a guy who has busted his ass for this company, for this locker room, who has dragged his broken dead body through every highway and through every single building all across this country and the world, right alongside my brothers, my best friends — the sweetest sight I ever saw was Seth Rollins stomping Brock Lesnar’s big, dumb lunchbox head into the mat, pinning him, and holding that Universal championship over his head, and taking it back to the boys. One of the other sweetest things I’ve ever seen was just recently when we saw Roman Reigns kick the shit out of cancer and come back on Monday Night Raw,” the former WWE champion said.