Geologists'   from the National Centre for Seismology, New Delhi  under the Ministry of Earth Sciences​  and  from the Regional Meteological Department (RMD) Colaba will arrive in  villages of Dahanu from 11 December to 13 December  to study the mild tremors in the above areas. The team will be stationed in Dahanu  to study the seismic tremors experienced Dahanu  in Palghar district since the past few months.

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 The  seismic depàrtment of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Colaba have been informed about the mild tremors in the Dahanu villages and geologists would be visiting Dahanu by next week  alongwith officials of the Palghar  Disaster Management team  to assess the damages said Rahul Sarang,Tehsildar,Dahanu.

  The mild quakes have caused cracks in our mud houses and we are scared as we also heard some utensils tumbling down from the makeshift wooden racks,said Sumit Patil,a resident of Dhundalwadi village located in Dahanu. Doors and windows began to rattle due to the quake,and we are scared for our lives,said Manoj Patil, another resident of the village. 

  Advanced equipments to record the tremors will be utilised  in Dahanu to assess and record future seismic tremors said Sarang. When asked any compensation will be paid to the victims due to the quake tremors and had reported damages to their houses,Sarang said the government can pay compensation to houses and property which faced a minimum 15% damages due to natural calamity, as per the 2015 Government Resolution (GR) but the government will surely consider in regard to compensation.

   Dahanu and Talasari villages has been experiencing mild shakes since the past 3 months, and till date, the government have not installed the seismograph recording instrument,said Patil

   However, people of the above two areas are not taking any chances,and since the past week are spending the nights in the open air, braving the chilly winds,due to the winter season. The District Collector Dr Prashant Narnaware had undertaken an awareness campaign in Dahanu and Talasari to educate people on the mild tremors and the steps to be taken in case of severe tremors.