MUMBAI: A 55 year old grand mother dived in an unguarded well which was full of rainwater in Chandip, in Virar, and rescued her 8 year old grand daughter, who had slipped while the well was being shown to some relatives on Sunday afternoon.  The grand mother without giving a second thought, dived inside the well and managed to bring the girl to surface, but locals rushed to their aide and pulled them out of the well. 

Manjula Gharat (55,pictured) a resident of Chandip in Virar tills her land alongwith husband Dashrath and son, Jitendra. Her granddaughter, Aarya (8,pictured) studies in Std 4 of a Marathi school. Aarya had lost her mother in 2017 in an accident, and her father, Jitendra had remarried to Jyotsna recently and all stay under one roof, said Kalyani Tare, Zilla Parishad (ZP) Palghar member.

On Sunday afternoon, being a holiday, Aarya accompanied Manjula to her farm, and was busy in tilling the land. Just then, a relative, Shakuntala and a child came to visit Manjula at her farm. Being hot, Manjula invited Shakuntala fo tea at her house and while they were walking past, they crossed a well owned by Gharat family and while the group were viewing the water, Aarya who was standing on the rim, lost her balance and fell into the nearly 20' feet deep well,said Tare.

Without giving a second thought, Manjula dived in the first attempt and resurfaced after she could not find Aarya and made a second attempt and she managed to clutch Aarya's left hand and using her other hand, pulled Aarya's head and both came to surface. Meantime, Shakuntala screamed for help and local farmers rushed to their aide, and hauled both Aarya and Manjula to surface, said Tare.

Aarya had swallowed a lot of water and locals pressed her stomach and the girl spilled out water and opened her eyes, but she was rushed to a nearby government hospital, and she is recovering after medicos started emergency treatment,said Tare.  The girl rarely visits the farm, but out of curiousity she came to visit her grand mother at the farm, as she was feeling bored,said Tare.

We applaud Manjula for her efforts in saving her only grand daughter, or else a tragedy would have occurred in her family,said Tare. I will recommend to the ZP to award Manjula for her bravery and issue a certificate of appreciation from the ZP, said Tare.