Mumbai:The management of the Mother Mary English High School, Nalla Sopara (W) has expelled Vijal Muchala the History teacher with immediate effect, post her arrest by the Nalla Sopara police. The teacher had slapped Rohit Kota (14,pictured) so hard that his left ear drum got ruptured and is undergoing treatment by a Matunga based ENT specialist.headline today  had reported the story on 13 Feb .
It is to be known Rohit Kota (14) a Std VIII student of the Mother Mary English School, Nalla Sopara (W) on 2 February had forgotten to bring a History book to school. As a result, his teacher, Vijal Muchala asked for the book, and Rohit said he had forgotten to bring to school, and similarly four other students too had forgotten the same book,said Sharvanti, mother of the victim. In a fit of rage, Vijal slapped Rohit so hard that his left ear started to pain and when he returned home, he complained of ache and some blood was oozing, so we consulted our family doctor, who told us to get the ear examined by an ENT specialist,so we consulted a Matunga based ENT specialist who said that Rohit has suffered damage to the ear as the ear drum has ruptured partially and needs surgery,said Sharvanti.
We had taken up the matter with the school management, who did not show any remorse so we complained to the Nalla Sopara police,said Sharvanti. Vijal Muchala was arrested on 5 February, under under Sections 325 and 323 of the IPC and also Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice Act,2000 and has been released on bail,said PI Bharat Jadhav of Nalla Sopara police station.
The doctor has permitted Rohit to attend school,while he will do so from Thursday,said Sharvanti and that is a big relief, as his ear ache is less, and is undergoing treatment and the doctor said he need not undergo surgery as of now.
The school management has confirmed about Muchala's termination and a letter has been sent to the Nalla Sopara police station to this effect.