India draws attention to global convention on terrorism as UNGA prepares to elect new president

NEW DELHI : India has expressed support to Nigeria’s Ambassador to the UN Tijjani Muhammad-Bande as the next president of the General Assembly and called him to make the body more “action-oriented” to deal with the global scourge of terrorism.

The current President of the General Assembly Maria Fernanda Espinosa presided Monday over an informal interactive dialogue with Muhammad-Bande, nominated by Nigeria, where the Member States got an opportunity to discuss his vision statement and question him on his priorities and plans if elected as President of the 74th session of the 193-member General Assembly.

The dialogue aims to contribute to the transparency and inclusivity of the selection process. India expressed support for the Nigerian Ambassador, describing him a “great friend” and a “well-known son of Africa”, with Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin tweeting that India is looking forward to Muhammad-Bande’s election by acclamation on June 4. “India joins in support of this effort,” he said.

During the interactive dialogue, Akbaruddin highlighted that in his vision statement, Muhammad-Bande spoke about the issue of terrorism. 

Akbaruddin drew Muhammad-Bande’s attention to the long-pending global convention on international terrorism and called for action in the UN body to adopt it, emphasising that terrorism is “antithetical” to everything that the UN stands for.

“Terrorism is antithetical to everything that we here at the UN stand for. It is antithetical to peace and security, to development and to human rights. Yet all of us seem contented only to condemn terrorism and not do anything more,” Akbaruddin said, underlining the need for the General Assembly to be more “action-oriented rather than talk-oriented.”

The Indian Ambassador asked his Nigerian counterpart what plans he has to make the General Assembly more “action-oriented” to deal with the global scourge of terrorism