MUMBAI : Bachoo, an injured female baby Olive Ridley turtle which was rescued from Chulni village in Vasai in August, is back on its feet, after it under went physiotherapy sessions by Dr Dinesh Vinherkar, a renowed vet from Borivali. This is the first time that an Olive Ridley turtle underwent physiotherapy at India's only treatment and transit centre of the Wildlife  Conservation and Animal Welfare Association(WCAWA)  at Dahanu, after it got injured.

The turtle-Bachoo- was using only three of its four flippers as the fourth right front side flipper was already injured at the time of rescue,said Dr Vinherkar. We took it to our Dahanu centre and observed that the turtle's bone was intact and there was reflex action also, and it had suffered an old injury, and hence it was not using the injured flipper,said the vet. The only solution was physiotherapy and we started the treatment, said the medico. Since the past two months, Bachoo is undergoing physiotherapy,where we exercised the turtle so that there is muscle tone  and would enable to use all its four flippers,said Dr Vinherkar.

The turtle is now able to use the four flippers and we will release it in its natural habitat : the Arabian Sea in the coming 10 days, when she is fully recovered,he said.  

At the WCAWA, around 7 turtles which were rescued have been fitted with microchips in the sea  so that there movements could be recorded,said Dr Vinherkar,and this is the first time, that a turtle has recovered through physiotherapy.