Jain muni creates buzz as he bats for Narendra Mehta in Mira Bhayander!

BAHAYANDER : A video message is going viral in Mira.Bhayander wherein Nayan Padmasagar Maharaj, a Jain muni is extolling current BJP MLA Narendra Mehta and has appealed to people to elect him again for the benefit of the nation and Maharashtra.

  The message praises Mehta for his developmental work as the MLA in Mira Bhayander and had brought communal harmony and brotherhood in the community. The muni without taking name of BJP rebel and Mehta's foe,Geeta Jain,appealed to people not to vote for a candidate(Jain) who has a big ego. The community should not be divided and only Mehta has achieved the same said the Muni.

  Meantime, Geeta Jain, Independent candidate and  BJP ex Mayor of MBMC who has revolted against Mehta and defied BJP higher up said she will not comment against the muni's statement. Even I received the same video message confirmed Jain. The muni is a revered religious leader in our Jain community and it is his personal opinion and I do not wish to make comment against the muni, out of respect, said Jain. On 21 October when the voting will be done,the people will decide their representative in the Assembly, she said.