Letter from fisheries department suggests rethink on NOC for coastal road project

MUMBAI : The fishing community from Worli Koliwada, which has long opposed the coastal road project, are now counting on a letter sent by the regional office of Mumbai division of the fisheries department to the fisheries commissioner, suggesting a reconsideration of the no-objection certificate (NOC) granted to the Rs 12,000-crore project.

The letter, which was sent from the Regional Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries, Mumbai Division, to Fisheries Commissioner of Maharashtra on January 4, states that the regional office had acknowledged the concerns expressed by the fisherfolk and had recommended that due to the project, fishing activities in the construction area were under threat and the NOC granted from the department should be reconsidered.

The letter states that for ongoing reclamation from Nariman Point to Worli area, the project will impact fishing. “Though pillars of the project will not impact fishing in the area much but for fishing boats entering the sea, for fishing gap between two pillars, as per the demand from local fishermen, it is necessary to keep 200 metres, and subsequently the BMC commissioner should be informed by Fisheries Commissioners on this issue,” it said.

“Fishermen express that reclamation in the sea from Nariman Point to Worli will destroy breeding sites of fish, prima facie it appears partially true so scientific study is necessary,” letter states.