MUMBAI : Locals rescued a, injured cow, while three member gang of cow smugglers in Palghar on late Saturday night are absconding. The injured cow  was injected with anaesthesia and the  trio were waiting for it to be unconcious  so as they could butcher it and sell the meat in Bhiwandi and other markets. 

On Saturday late night, Devesh Bhutkade a resident of Lokmanya Nagar and his friend were returning home after seeing a movie, and near Jamblepada, in Palghar, they saw a car standing in a dark corner and three persons were moving around suspiciously. On seeing Bhutkade, the trio escaped in the car, and after covering a distance, the car dashed against a tree and was damaged, and the trio escaped in the darkness of the night.

The Palghar police was informed,who rushed to the spot and seized the car. On inspection of the car, we found several vials of anaesthesia, injection syringes, butcher knives and other implements,toll receipt of the Khanivade toll plaza,said Vikas Naik, DySP, Palghar. We also found blood stains, and few parts of carcasses, and we have sent the same for forensic analysis at Kalina,he said. Also a distance away from the spot, we found a cow which was in a dazed condition,as it was pricked with anaesthesia, and the trio were waiting for the bovine to be unconscious, so they could butcher it and sell its meat in Bhiwandi,said Naik. We have registered  a case of theft against unknown persons and are investigating further, he said. We have also found a few mobile numbers in the car and that is a vital clue, he said,to trace the culprits.

Since the few weeks, dairy owners from Bharwadpada, Old Palghar, Valan Naka, and other parts have reported of their milch cows being stolen by unknownn persons and we suspect it could be the same gang who are absconding, said Naik and are investigating further.

Last  year, Dr Sailee Bhanushali  an animal activist from Palghar had complained to the Palghar police of a racket involving smugglers from Bhiwandi and other surrounding areas, who stole cows and sold its meat in Bhiwandi markets, but the Palghar police were unable to nab the culprits till date.