All missing family members traced from Ujjain,in Madhya Pradesh with the Arnala police and the sixth family member, Varun Sharma who was traced from Pune. The Sharmas had fled from Virar since 15 October 2017 as they had taken Rs 6 lakh loan from friends and were not repaying.

Mumbai : A casual chat on Facebook led the Virar police to trace the six family members who suddenly went missing since 15 October 2017 from their residence were finally traced to Hari Har Nagar in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh! The family had taken around Rs 6 lakh loan from people and were not repaying the debt, as the creditors were chasing them for their money,so they decided to leave Virar so as to escape the daily humiliation from the creditors,said police.

The family of 6 members had gone missing since 15 October 2017 in the elite Global City area in Virar and their  last location was at Shirdi,said Rajtilak Roshan, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Vasai and we were on their trail since then and kept track of their phones, social media and other platforms.  The missing persons were  Surendra Sharma (51), his wife, Malati (53), daughter Priyanka Sharma (17) a relative, Anita Sharma (61) and her two sons, Varun (41), and Ashwin Sharma (33). While leaving they had told the  neighbours, that they were  going to Shirdi to perform the last rituals of the lead family member,who died in August 2017,said the official and the CCTV footage showed the family leaving the building in a car. The police had registered a missing complaint lodged by Sangeeta Sharma, daughter in law who was totally unaware about the development as she was in Amravati to deliver her first child.

Since October 2017, the  Sharmas' settled down in the Hari Har Nagar area in Ujjain and took to selling religious books at temples to earn a living,said Roshan.  After they were traced by us on 21 March, we took the six persons to the nearest Neelganga police station in Ujjain district and are on the way to Virar,said the official. Our Cyber Cell team traced Varun from Pune who had used his Facebook account to chat and on 15 March, we traced him from Pune and through him, the rest of the five family members were traced from Ujjain,said Roshan.


As the family had taken loans of Rs 6lakhs from friends, we can only wait for the victims to register a case with us for cheating against the Sharma family and only then we will make any arrest, but as of now, no one has come forward to register the complaint,said the official.



 Satishchandra Sharma and his family stay in Global City and Sangeeta married Varun  on 18 April 2016 and Varun and Ashwin are graphic designers by profession, while their uncle Satishchandra works as a LIC agent,said police. Sangeeta had gone to Amravati to deliver her first child which she delivered on 15 June 2017 and Varun stayed with Sangeeta in Amravati for a fortnight, said police.In October, Varun again visited Sangeeta in Amravati and on 11 October Varun returned to Virar,said police and the last phone call made by Varun to Sangeeta was on 14 October and after that there was no call made to Sangeeta,said police.   Sangeeta sent a WhatsApp message to Ashwin, who read the message,but did not revert to Sangeeta,said police. Since 15 October 2017, all the phones of the Sharma family were switched off,said Sangeeta to us,said the official.  Sangeeta, who works in a Mumbai based corporate  firm,then through Google, contacted us and after the call, we sent a team to her in laws' house and found that the house was locked,said PI Keshav Naik of Arnala Coastal police. The last location was at Surat, where the mobile was sold to a person, and the SIM card destroyed,so that Sangeeta should not call the inlaws,said Naik.