Mumbai:  A relative in order to take revenge for a slap from his cousinallegedly kidnapped the latter's 4 year old son, after telling his sister that he is taking the kid to buy samosas in Nalla Sopara on Monday evening. The Tulinj police have registered a case of kidnapping against the man who is absconding alongwith the child.
  Khushbun  Shah (30) stays with her husband, Nasim and 4 children in Hawaipada, Santosh Bhuvan area. A few days ago, Nasim had slapped, Alaque Vakil Shah in full public view over a trivial issue and Shah was seething with rage and wanted to take revenge.
  On Monday evening, Shah came to the house of Khusbun and told her that he was taking Wasim (4,pictured) to buy samosas and Khusbun allowed as she was known to Shah. But when Wasim and Shah failed to return home that night, she complained to her husband who rushed to the Tulinj police station on Tuesday morning, where a case of kidnapping under Section 363 of the IPC has been registered against Shah. 
  We have formed six teams and are in search for Shah and our priority is to rescue Wasim, said a Tulinjj police official. Shah kidnapped Wasim in revenge after Naseem slapped him in public over a trivial issue,said police.