MUMBAI : A security guard suffered 22 stitches on his face, head,back and other areas of his body, for objecting to a man who was deliberately letting his pet dog in his premises to litter. One man  has been arrested,while two others are absconding,said a Virar police official.

Prabhat Behra (31) works as a security guard in a building located in a farm in Phoolpada,Virar (E). The accused,Shrinath Manve (25) a neighbour would daily bring his pet dog at night, to litter near the building premises, and Behra objected to the daily nuisance, as the litter was dirtying the place and also his boss, had ordered Behra not to let Manve bring the dog for answering nature's call. I just followed by boss' order and told Manve to meet my boss,Umesh Patil, as the latter had objected to the dog menace,said Behra. I told him, why he was bringing his pet dog to our premises, when he could have taken the dog for littering in his own premises,which is opposite to our building, to which, Manve picked up a fight and assaulted me, said Behra. Due to the dog menace, I had to face my boss' ire as the dog would do faecas right in the middle of the road leading to our building constructed in the farm, said Behra. As my boss would leave for home in the evening, Manve would deliberately bring his pet dog in the night, for littering,said Behra,and I faced the wrath.

Manve picked up a fight with Behra and called in two others to join him, and Behra was brutally assaulted with iron rods, and kicks. As a result, Behra suffered injuries on his face, and bruises near his left eye, and other areas. Behra was rushed to a government hospital in Virar where he was given 22 stitches for his injuries,said PSI Hemant Katkar, spokesman of the Palghar police.

We have registered case for assault against Manve and arrested him,while two are absconding, said the official.