Mumbai: No water supply in Aarey tribal school for three days

MUMBAI : THE TRIBAL school in Aarey has had no water since the last three days. A water tanker had to be procured on Saturday for students to get drinking water.

A teacher said that multiple complaints have been registered with the public works department (PWD) regarding this. “The motor for drawing water has not been repaired by the PWD. So, we are unable to draw water,” the teacher said.

The school caters to 1,500 students in five sections that impart education in Tamil, Marathi and Hindi languages.

Surekha Bhoye, whose son is in Class II and daughter in Class III, said: “I give them a water bottle each to drink, but once it gets over, they have to stay thirsty till they reach home.”

Hema Bhoye’s daughter is in Class VII and son in Class II. Both have complained that there is no water in school’s toilets. “We will be going to school on Monday to talk to the management. There is no water to wash hands after playing or for the canteen,” Hema said.

The school management said the BMC sent the tanker to provide drinking water. For mid-day meal, food comes prepared to the school from outside. “Only for toilet, we are asking the children to adjust,” a teacher said.