Odd-even plan: Vehicles carrying school kids in uniform exempted

DELHI : As air pollution levels continue to rise in the national capital region, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Friday announced that vehicles carrying school students in uniform will be exempted during school hours. A Rs 4,000 fine will be imposed on those flouting the rule, Kejriwal told reporters in New Delhi.

Also among those exempted include two wheelers, women drivers, vehicles carrying patients, and others. However, non-transport vehicles from outside Delhi will come under the purview of the road rationing system.

The list of exempted people include the president, vice president, prime minister, Lok Sabha speaker, deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha, governors, chief justices and judges of the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court.

Kejriwal said he himself and his ministers and officers will not be exempted from the odd-even scheme. Emergency, enforcement, defence, paramilitary and embassy vehicles will also be exempted, the chief minister said.

The government will roll out the plan from November 4 till November 15 as part of measures to curb the pollution level which has registered a spike in recent days and is expected to rise further with the onset of winters. It will be in effect from between 8 am to 8 pm.

Kejriwal said the plan will also be applicable to all government officials, including the chief minister.

On reports that there might be a shift in office hours, the Aam Aadmi Party chief said that the government is yet to finalise the plan.

The burning of waste and work at construction or demolition sites are being monitored, he added.

Here is a look at the inclusions and exclusions from the plan:


– Non-transport four-wheelers from other states.

– Vehicles of Delhi ministers

— CNG vehicles


– Two-wheelers

– Vehicles carrying children in school uniform

– Vehicles deployed by the Election Commission for poll-related purposes

– Women

– President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Justice of India, Speaker of Lok Sabha, vehicles of Union ministers, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Leaders of Opposition and Vehicles of Chief Ministers of States & UTs