MUMBAI : Mahendra Shankar Patil a farmer was shocked to find a live World War 2 bomb while preparing (tilling) his field in Wada,Palghar district, for the oncoming monsoons on Wednesday afternoon. Panicked he informed the Wada police who alongwith Tehsildar,Wada took note of the finding and the  bomb is still at the spot awaiting the Indian Army personnel to arrive so as to diffuse the bomb.

Patil while tilling his field in Devli village in Wada to prepare for the ensueing monsoon season to grow paddy. As I was tilling the land,I hit upon a hard object and heard a "twang" sound just like sound emanating after hitting a metal object said Patil. To my shock I found a big metal piece and I panicked and informed fellow farmers on the adjoining fields about the incident who rushed to the spot he said.

Photo credit : Santosh Patil 

Meantime I informed the Wada police as well as the Tehsildar,Wada he said. The Wada police SrPI Sudam Shinde and Dinesh Kurhade Tehsildar,Wada reached the spot and took custody of the metal. Said Vithal Gosavi,Deputy Tehsildar the metal object was a live bomb dating back to the British era.

We informed the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS)Thane who arrived at the spot on Wednesday evening but were unable to diffuse the bomb said Gosavi. We have now written to the Indian Army at Mumbai to send their expert BDDS squad to diffuse the bomb as they have the technical expertise ssid Gosavi.

During the World War 2, the British at that time evacuated 13 villages in Wada including the Devli village to convert the land into an ammunition dump as well as an army cantonment though on temporary basis though said Gosavi. We are waiting for the Army to give us further details besides diffusing the bomb said Gosavi. Policemen have been posted at the field to prevent scrap vendors to steal the heavycast iron bomb which could fetch a good price in the scrap market as it is also a live bomb.