Rajen Tare, the fisherman with the rescued Flamingo found floating in mid sea in Palghar.

Mumbai:A Palghar based fisherman dived in mid sea to save an injured Flamingo which was floating, as both of its wings were severely damaged and it was exhausted, while staying afloat. The fisherman then took the bird onboard and fed drinking water which enabled it to stand on its legs. The Flamingo is now in the care of the 

 Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association (WCAWA) Dahanu after it was referred to by the Forest Departent, Palghar.

  Rajen Tare (pictured) was steering his boat -Nav Durga- which was on patrol duty  with the Fisheries Department,to check Purse Seine net fishing. On Friday morning, at around 0730 hours, I spotted a floating object on the surface of the sea, some 5 nautical miles (1 nautical mile = 1.8 km) off Edwan coast in Palghar and thinking it could be a big fish, I steered the boat towards the spot when I saw the Flamingo floating on the waters,said Tare.

  I immediately handed over the steering to my colleague and without thinking a minute, I jumped into the sea, and rescued the bird and brought it on board,he said. The Flamingo was exhausted and I found its two wings damaged,and was bleeding,he said. I somehow opened its beak and then poured some drinking water and after a few minutes, it stood up on its legs, he said, but it was clearly weak,he said. The bird mysteriously got saved from the big fishes in the sea, which could have devoured it,said Tare.

  Meantime, i contacted the Forest Department, Palghar and narratted the episode and they were ready to receive the bird at Satpati coast, and I handed over the bird to them, said Tare.  The Forest Department has handed over the bird to the WCAWA care centre at Dahanu.

  Said Dr Dinesh Vinherkar, vet associated with WCAWA the bird is critical, and is profusely bleeding, as both of its wings have been damaged. It seems that the bird may have hit an obstacle mid air and fell into the Arabian Sea, and thus its received serious injuries, and was staying afloat, he said. We have administered saline and even took it to the shore, and our volunteers made the Flamingo stand up and the bird then searched for algae, plankton, crustaceans and other natural diet,said Dr Vinherkar. Flamingos are very particular about their diet and will stick to it, he said and we will do so by carrying the bird to the shore for its natural food, he said. It has no fractures, but the bird had lost a lot of blood and is in trauma, and we will take care of it for the next few days, until it is able to fly again, he said.


Purse Seine net fishing is ​

where rogue fishermen use micro nets to encircle entire schools of fish using a technique  that resembles drawing of purse strings. Such type of purse seine net fishing is banned as fishermen are deprived of a good catch.

​ Fishermen from Maharashtra are demanding the ban on such illegal fishing activity ​and the State government had taken action against such fishing but the matter is pending before the court after boat owners challenged the action.