MUMBAI: The MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday night, ordered Palghar farmers not to sel their land for the proposed Mumbai - Ahmedabad Bullet train and also for the new Mumbai-Baroda expressway. He was addressing a mammoth public rally at the Chimaji Appa stadium in Vasai (W) to begin his State-wide tour from May 1 so as to strenghten the MNS' organisational setup, and boost the morale of his party workers. Raj Thackeray was on a maiden visit to Vasai since the new Palghar district was formed in 2014.

Lambasting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Thackeray said Modi is the PM of Gujarat and not of the nation, as the PM thinks only of Gujarat and hence he has announced the two above mega projects,and questioned, why not other location in the country, and why only Mumbai-Gujarat. In short, PM Modi wants to fulfill the long cherished dream of grabbing Mumbai and shifting it to Gujarat, as was planned way back in 1960, when Maharashtra and Gujarat were formed and Yeshwantrao Chavan was the first CM of the new Maharashtra,said Thackeray.

Our land is slowly going to Gujarat, due to the above projects,said Thackeray. Look at Nanar refineryproject, way back in 2013, I had warned that many outsiders from Gujarat are purchasing land in Ratnagiri, and at that time, no one bothered to probe into this matter,said Thackeray. And now look, majority of the land has been purchased by Gujara tis, and named Gaurav Jain, Dipen Modi, Pukhraj Sanghvi, Dinesh Shah, Rajesh Shah, Satish Kedia, Vilas Kataria and others from Gujarat who had purchased large tracts of land, much before the Nanar refinery was announced, he said. So how could the land being sold much before the refinery project was announced, and so much so the residents of Konkan were not even aware of the refinery project said Thackeray.

Slowly and steadily, Mumbai is being turned into another Gujarat, look at the various dhabas dotting the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway, which sport of hoardings in Gujarati, said Thackeray. It was the MNS which carried out a campaign and got the Gujrati hoardings demolished,said Thackeray. If you (Gujarati) wants to stay in Maharashtra, then respect the Marathi language,he said. Look at the illegal chawls proliferating in Vasai-Virar belt and all are occupied by North Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, and we need to stop their entry in Palghar district,said Thackeray. 

Even in Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, around 85 percent of jobs are reserved for the local residents of the area,even contractual jobs are reservedfor local people, said Thackeray. Look at Maharashtra, there is no such reservation,he said. I say, why there is a need for reservation in the first place,said Thackeray. Reservations is needed only for two things : for education and for govrnment jobs in Maharashtra. In the privvate sector, there is no job reservation, and we are fighting for a mere 5 per cent job reseration in government jobs, said Thackeray.  So much so, the present Fadnavis govenment is going around shutting down Marathi medium schools, and private schools are being encouraged to be set up in the State, so as to facilitate the outsiders (read Gujaratis) to setup such schools in the State,said Thackeray, and thus earn in crores. As we Maharashtrians are busy fighting amongst ourselves, the outsiders have taken advantage of the situation and started to grab our land, he said. We fight on our caste, and look upon people questionably on their surnames, earlier, we used to share our lunch, and now the situation is different, as people are being recognised on the basis of their castes,and the outsiders thus take advantage of the situation, said Thackeray.

The PM Modi of 2018 is different when we elected him in 2014, he has changed, and has become the leader of liars,said Thackeray. So is the State CM Devendra Fadnavis, and said Fadnavis has no guts, as one phone from New Delhi silences Fadnavis and the CM just obeys the order of Amit Shah and PM Modi,said Thackeray. Fadnavis claimed that the government has consructed 4 lakh toilets in the State, but where is the water questioned Thackeray. Should the people use mud to wipe their bottoms, after their ablutions, he said. As per the ISRO report, the Maharashtra is soon to become a desert, as water is now scarce and one has to dig atleast 1000 feet to get water, and we are going the Rajasthan way,in terms of waterscarcity, said Thackeray. Fadnavis again lies and says that his government has dug 1.20 lakh wells, and it seems he has also counted the potholes on the roads and added in the list of wells, said Thackeray. The district of Thane and Palghar has no water, and Fadnavis goes on lying and lying,he saida.

Raj Thackeray will also be visiting Boisar, on Wednesday, where ports are being constructed at Wadhwan in Dahanu and a private jetty at Nandgaon coast. Thackeray will tour the entire State till August 2018 and Vasai was the first leg of th tour from May 1 to 5 where he will also visit, Wada, Shahpur, Bhiwandi and Badlapur, and on Monday, also made his debut on Twitter.