Residents flee as huge landslide hits Sichuan province in China

CHINA : A massive landslide hit China’s Ebian county in Sichuan province on Friday, blocking roads and causing a dam to collapse.

The terrifying footage of the incident shows the force of the landslide pushing an enormous amount of rock and debris on to a road. The landslide occurred following persistent heavy rains.

In the minute-long video, several people are seen fleeing for their lives as trees and boulders come crashing into the river next to the slope. Several hutments next to the road are seen buried. The landslide caused a dam on the Guanliao river to collapse.

According to a statement issued by the Ebian county government, no injuries were reported. Nearly 20,000 cubic meters of rock and debris were removed from the site. The road was closed and vehicles were redirected by traffic police.

Severe storms and torrential rains have been battering southern and eastern China. As many as 61 people have been killed and 3,56,000 evacuated, news agency Reuters had reported.