Shahid Kapoor: Kabir Singh is a cathartic film

MUMBAI : Shahid Kapoor plays a temperamental doctor in his upcoming film Kabir Singh. The film is an official remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy, starring Vijay Deverakonda. At its trailer launch in Mumbai on Monday, Shahid shared how he got into the shoes of Kabir Singh.

“Rediscovering the character is challenging. I loved Vijay’s work. When I met Sandeep, we both wanted to search Kabir Singh’s soul and offer his personality to the audience. If you connect with the love story between Preethi and Kabir or if you have had a broken heart, you will understand the intensity of the film,” Shahid said.

“Kabir Singh is too honest. It has a lot of emotions and has a lot of dark moments also. We haven’t tried to change the world of Kabir Singh. It is very similar to Arjun Reddy. I really want people to see the honesty of Kabir Singh. Don’t judge the film or its language from the trailer. Watch the film for its soul. Only then you’ll know the headspace and journey of the character,” the actor added.

Talking about Kabir Singh being the first remake he has worked on, Shahid Kapoor said, “I don’t think I can comment on my performance. But I score it high when it comes to difficulty. This is my first remake, so there is already a film to compare my work with. It is a thin line between making it too different that it looks like a totally different film, and make it like the original one.”