It’s going to be a Punjabi house in The Kapil Sharma Show tonight. Punjabi musicians Hans Raj Hans, Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh and Jasbir Jassi will grace the stage today.

Mika, who is quite close to Kapil Sharma, will share how he has asked his team to pray to God for him, “Jo maanga bus mere liye maangna bhagwaan se.”

Later, Apache Indian will also join the singers briefly on stage. Apart from having a fun time with Kapil Sharma and his team, he will also get the audience to groove to his foot-tapping songs “Boom Shaka Laka” and “Chok There”.

The fun camaraderie between Mika Singh and Jasbir Jassi will be quite evident. Mika will share that he fondly addresses Jassi as ‘Chachi’, as the latter has a habit of sparking a fight between people. On the other hand, Jasbir will share that he calls Mika a self-proclaimed celebrity for his high-handed attitude.

Mika will reveal how Daler and Hans Raj were sworn enemies a few years back because of some confusion created by Jasbir Jassi. Mika realised who the real culprit was and eventually made peace between them. After that, the two even became in-laws.

Daler Mehndi will share how he had done more than 370 shows before his first album Bolo Ta Ra Ra was released. He will also mention that how every team member in his group knew to play only one tune on their respective instruments. But despite the shortcoming, they did 20 shows across the world and all of them were super successful.

Mika will share that taking a cue from his brother Daler Mehendi, he too got untrained people in his team. When he was about to launch his song “Saawan mein lag gayi aag”, he had guys in his team, who didn’t know much music but were of huge built. He will reveal that everyone mistook them as his bodyguards given their structure when they actually were his musicians.

Daler Mehndi will further share a hilarious story of Mika with the audience. Daler’s harmonium player Joginder could only play the tune of “Tutak tutak tutiya”. While Daler was in the US for a performance, Mika and Joginder were asked to carry out his legacy of playing the harmonium at Ramleela. Mika, smartly, got Joginder to take up the job. And in the act when the character of Shravan Kumar had to die, instead of playing a sad tune, Joginder started playing “Tutak tutak” which irritated the actor playing the role so much that he staged a walk-out, hurling abuses at the brothers.