The Lion King actor Donald Glover: I feel very connected to Simba’s journey

MUMBAI : Donald Glover has lent his voice to Simba in Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King. The film is helmed by Jon Favreau, who also directed The Jungle Book for Disney.

“I feel very connected to Simba’s journey,” says Glover. “The Lion King is a very human and honest story of what all of us go through. I think that the story is such a beautiful way of showing how permanence is not the point.”

He adds, “The point is to be here and to be responsible for each other and love each other. Traumatic things will happen —the point is not to allow that to consume your entire life. You can grow and learn from that experience.”

Simba is the crown prince of Pride Lands. His father, King Mufasa, is betrayed and murdered by his conniving uncle Scar, who also drives Simba away. In a far off land, he meets Timon and Pumba, a wisecracking meerkat and a flatulent warthog, and with their help rediscover the joys of his life.

Glover is also known for FX’s acclaimed TV series Atlanta and for playing the role of younger Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Lion King has divided critics. It has scored 60 per cent at Rotten Tomatoes, which is just above average. The consensus reads, “While it can take pride in its visual achievements. The Lion King is a by-the-numbers retelling that lacks the energy and heart that made the original so beloved–though for some fans that may just be enough.”

The Lion King releases in Inda on July 19.