MUMBAI : A woman and her father in law suffered injuries after a thief, an electrician by profession,entered their flat in Nalla Sopara on Sunday afternoon, after the woman left the main door ajar to  beat the heat. Taking advantage of the open door, the thief entered the flat and assaulted the duo. Neighbours rushed to their screams of help and managed to get hold of the thief and handed him over to the Nalla Sopara police. 

Priti Mishra (30) was in her bedroom taking an afternoon seista post lunch, alongwith her younger daughter. Her father in law Jayprakash who was ailing was sleeping in the another bedroom of the ground floor  flat in Sri Prashta, Nalla Sopara (W). Suddenly, Priti screamed for help, and Jayprakash rushed out of his room only to find Mohammed Azghar Sattar Khan (27) the thief and an electrician by profession was assaulting Priti on her cheek with a knife. My daughter in law suffered slashes on her cheek, head, right hand and other parts of her face, said Jayprakash and while Jayprakash was helping Priti from the thief's clutches, Azghar also assaulted him on his right shoulder and other parts of the body. Still Jayprakash went to the balcony and screamed for help and meantime, Azghar got hold of his daughter and threatened to kill her, but Jayprakash continued to shout for help,said Jayprakash in his statement to the police.

Jayprakash was dragged by Azghar from the balcony to the living room, so as to prevent him shouting for help, and again slashed on his chest and neck by the thief. Seeing the commotion, his daughter ran out of the house and alerted neighbours and a lawyer, Ramakant Waghchoude who is a neighbour and was resting in his flat, alongwith other neighbours went inside the flat and accosted Azghar and told him to spare the family, but Azghar continued to threaten the victims and while Ramakant engaged Azghar in talk, Jayprakash using his legs tripped the thief and as a result, he lost balance and fell on the ground throwing the knife to another side, and seizing the chance, Ramakant pounced on Azghar and grounded him from escaping.

Azghar has been arrested under Section 459(causing hurt during trespass), 397 (dacoity) of the IPC and when produced before the Vasai court on Monday has been remanded in police custody for two days said a Nalla Sopara police official.  Azghar resides in Navi Mumbai and is an electrician by professionn and had visited Jayprakash three days ago to repair their inverter due to the frequent current failure. He must have noted the scenario and kept a watch on their movements, and on Sunday, he suddenly entered the flat and demanded Rs 30,000 cash from Priti after he entered her bedroom, as she had kept the main door ajar to beat the summer heat and gaining a chance, Azghar entered the house as he had studied the pattern of Priti keeping the main door open always,said the police official. When Priti refused to give the cash, he demanded the keys to the safety locker and again on her refusal, he started to slash her,said police.

Priti has suffered more than 250 plus stitches on her body after she was treated at a private hospital in Nalla Sopara and is responding to treatment, said doctors and has been discharged on Monday morning.