MUMBAI : Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena chief has challenged the CM Devendra Fadnavis for an one-to-one debate on allegations while canvassing for Srinivas Wanga, the Sena candidate in the ensueing Palghar LS bypoll. He was addressing a huge rally at Vasant Nagri, Nalla Sopara (E) on Wednesday late evening.

In politics, allegations on rival parties does happen, but the important aspect is what are the achievements done for the electorate,said Uddhav. The CM talks about cats and dogs, and by saying so, even the animals would have been embarrassed by the CM's statement and has also insulted the animals. The CM in Vasai had made such statements on territories of animals and said the CM is a lion and the carnivore needs no terroritories, but creates it own last week, sarcastically targetting Hitendra Thakur, Vasai MLA of the BVA. Thackeray also hinted at Thakur's statement who said that he is a dog serving his electorate since the past 30 years, reacting to the CM statement, to this, Thackeray said if you (Thakur) thinks that he is a dog, then why not put a leash around his neck!

The people are waiting for the next general election and this time there would be no Modi sarkar, but a"fuska sarkar" (hinting at the loss of the Modi government at the hustings).

On giving the candidature of the BJP to former Congressman Rajendra Gavit, the Sena leader said the CM kept the Wanga family on tenterhooks and had beforhand decided to give the BJP ticket to Gavit, alleged Thackeray.  The CM has no moral right to blame us (Sena) of backstabbing the BJP, said the leader. The CM should have informed Srinivas Wanga that the latter was not in the reckoning for the BJP ticket, said Thackeray, and should have announced on air just like Modi's "Mann Ki Baat" taking a swipe at Modi. When Srinivas and his family came to  meet me at Matoshri on 3 May, they did not ask for the Sena ticket and the Sena just held their hands, as the BJP did not bother to take care of the family, despite the late BJP MP Chintaman Wanga had toiled for the party for 40 years,said Thackeray. He said the CM does not need to teach the Sena any lessons in politics, as we have followed the right course,said Thackeray.  Instead of making allegations against us, I challenge the CM for an one-to-one debate on the allegations on one dais, so that the people would be the judge as to who is lying and who is telling the truth,said Thackeray. We will never shut the doors of Matoshri to the Wanga family as alleged by the CM at Kasa on Sunday,said Thackeray. The BJP had to take the services of UP CM Yogi Adityanath to campaign in Vasai, as they are scared and imagine to oust the tribal boy, Srinivas, the BJP has taken such steps, said Thackeray. The BJP are calling workers from BJP to Vasai and Palghar to help in their campaign, he said. Srinivas will be sent to the Lok Sabha from the Sena, said Uddhav.

The PM Modi had assured the people that Rs 15 lakh would be deposited in their bank accounts, but where is the money, questioned Thackeray. The Achche Din has gone foreover he said and thus Modi has cheated the people of their trust. The PM is constantly going abroad and on foreign soil, he says that India is changig, said Thackeray. Hinting on UP CM Adityanath, the Sena leader the CM who could not control stray dogs issue, as said by former UPCM Akhilesh Yadav and children have died due to lack of oxygen in UP hosppitals, and the same CM Adityanath has come to campaign in Vasai, said Thackeray.

Shivaji Maharaj is always in the hearts of the Shiv Sena and the BJP just reminds of the Shivaji Maharaj during elections,said Thackeray. We do not believe in the import of candidates from other parties, just like Gavit switch over, and said the BJP imported Gavit from Nandurbar (his hometown), and we should not be suurpriised if the BJP ropes in Chinese and Japanese heads to campaign for the BJP for elections, said Thackeray as the BJP does not have their own candidate.

Said Thackeray, instead of the ambitious Rs 1.10 lakh crore Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train, the PM should have taken interest to increase the local services in Mumbai. The CM remembered after 3 years to exclude 29 villages from the Vasai civic body and also assured the villagers of a separate civic body,and hence the BJP is cheating the people of Palghar,said Thackeray.