MUMBAI : Vasai  taluka in Palghar district is fast  becoming the epicentre for spurious food products confirm a senior Vasai police official. The Vasai police raided a famous dairy  in Vasai and seized around 250 kg of spurious sweets. Shockingly, during the raid,,around 110 kg of fungi laden sweets which was not fit for human or even for cattle  consumption was seized from the Krishna Mangal Dairy in Bapane in Vasai,said Vijaykant Sagar, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Vasai. While in the other raid on the same dairy, around 150 kg of stale sweets were seized which were recycled and mixed with the adulterated fungi laden sweets, said Sagar. The total worth of the spurious sweets and equipment is around Rs 75,000 and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Thane have taken the samples for testing and we have sealed the dairy,he said.

The sweets were sold to dhabas, hotels, and other cheap eating outlets at a heavily discounted price by the adulterator, said Sagar. The sweets include milk cakes, pedas, barfi, ladoos and other sweetmeats.In the last week of January, two dairies -Sainath Dairy and Ajay Dairy- in Vasai were raided for manufacturing around 2,500 kg of spurious paneer using sulphuric acid, urea, skimmed milk, detergent, and other chemicals. The adulterated paneer was sold to resorts, hotels, roadside dhabas.small time caterers, and other eating outlets at around Rs 350 per kg of adulterated paneer,said Sagar. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Thane have taken samples of the adulterated paneer and sent it lab testing and we are awaiting its report, while we have sealed the two dairies,said Sagar. We will book the dairy owners for cheating, adulteration of food and sale of noxious food and drink as soon as we receive the FDA test reports, said Sagar. 

In earlier January, the police had raided a factory which was manufacturing adulterated paneer and seized 400  kg of spurious paneer at Kaman in Vasai (E),The factory owner Abhinav Shukla and two workers have been arrested by the Vasai police.

There is no doubt that Vasai is becoming the epicentre for adulterated food products, and we are keeping a close watch on dairies located in the twin cities of Vasai and Virar, who manufacture sweets and other milk products. The FDA, Thane are cooperating with us to control the growing menace of adulterated food products which is creating a health risk to the public, said Sagar. Majority of the dairies employ North Indians as workers to knead and cook the spurious food products, and we will not spare them, said Sagar.