The two sisters : Pooja and Dipika and their father Vinod Chowdhary who died due to an illness on Monday night.

Two teenaged sisters still in grief over their father's death on Monday late night appeared for the last Std XII (Arts) Board Geography paper on Tuesday morning, while their father was being cremated in Punjave village in Dahanu. Had not the two sisters appear for the last exams of the HSC Board, they could have lost a precious one academic year. But despite the sad incident, the two sisters braved their tears back, and appeared for their exams.

On Monday night, Vinod Chowdhary (45) a farmer died of a long prolonged ailment in his home. He has left behind wife Sarita, two daughters, Pooja and Dipika and two young sons. The two sisters were obviously shaken by the sudden death of their father and were in no mood to appear for the Std XII Board final exams and their last paper : Geography. 

On Tuesday morning, their uncle alongwith his two nieces, came to our college, where the girls studied and narratted the entire incident,said Narayan Thuvar, principal,  Vinayak B Patil Junior College, Dapcheri, Dahanu. I alongwith Prof Vinod Sonawane assured the uncle that we will try to convince Pooja and Dipika to appear for the exams and he left the college, said Thuvar.

We counselled the girls and said if they did not appear for the last Geography paper (in Marathi medium), the sisters will lose an entire year and may have to repeat the course,said Thuvar. At first, Pooja and Dipika were not prepared to appear for the exams, due to the emotional situation, but we somehow convinced them and they agreed to appear for the exams,said Prof Sonawane.

 Now, their exam centre was at the Thakkar Bappa College,Talasari and it was nearly 8 kms away from our college, so we took out our respective two bikes and took the  girls to the centre so that they could appear for the exams,said Thuvar. Fortunately, we reached the centre at around 1030 hours, just half an hour before the exams were to start at 1100 hours,he added. We waited for the two girls to settle in the exam centre and later we rode back to attend the funeral of their father at Punjave village,he said.The funeral was over by 1230 hours on Tuesday and the funeral pyre was lit by a relative, as Vinod's two sons are minors and very young,and had no knowledge of the happenings, said Thuvar.

 While the funeral was  being conducted, the two sisters were  attending their exams at the centre, and though we felt emotional, but we ensured that the two sisters did not stand to lose one precious academic year,said Thuvar. The two girls aspire to become teachers in governent schools and we will help them to achieve their goals, he said. 

The two girls have set an example by appearing for the exams, despite the fact that they had lost their father, which would make them emotionally stronger and we pray for them to achieve greater heights in their career,said Thuvar,and our college is all ready to cooperate with them by providing them books and other tutorials.