MUMBAI : The Sessions Judge, Palghar, S H Gulaney has sentenced a woman and her paramour to Life Imprisonment for the murder of the woman's husband on 9 July,2015 in their Palghar flat. The judge also fined Rs 35,000 each to the two convicts along with the sentence on Saturday. The two convicts conspired to murder the man,after getting inspired from a Hindi movie - Baby- which was released in January 2015.

Samidha Patil (34) and her paramour Santosh Yadav Sankhe (38) have been sentenced to life Imprisonment for the murder of the woman's husband, Sameer Patil after she coaxed the victim into having sadomasochistic sex, so that Samidha could tie him and render him helpless and murder him.Samidha worked as a government teacher in a ZP school, so also her husband Sameer, while Santosh Yadav ran a taxi service in Palghar, said Deepak Tare, Public Prosecutor. She had told the Palghar police that Sameer was "oversexed" and would harrass her and did not offer any emotional support, hence she fell in love with the other convict, Santosh Sankhe, and the latter decided to bump off Sameer, said Tare.

Samidha had earlier planned to murder Sameer on 8 July dawn when her six year old son was asleep, in their flat in Shri Heritage building, but Samidha overslept and the plan was foiled and the murder took place on 9 July, said Tare. with the help of the other convict Santosh.

Samidha and Santosh purchased a roll of adhesive packing tape on 9 July and a thick plastic bag, and then she lured Sameer to have S&M sex, which the victim agreed, said Tare. Sameer's feet was first tied with Samidha's dupatta and then she used the adhesive tape to tie his hands and legs and even tapped his mouth, so that Sameer could not shout for help, said Tare. Next, Santosh entered the flat, as Samidha had partially kept the main door open and then Santosh put the plastic bag over Sameer's head and he suffocated to death, and then the duo dragged the body to the bathroom and left the tap open and told her in-laws that Sameer had died after a fall in the bathroom,said Tare. 

We examined 34 witnesses in this case, and the judge pronounced the judgement, and the two convicts even pleaded for a lenient term, and were seen crying in the court, but the judge was firm,said Tare. The main accused Samidha had secured bail a year ago, while Santosh was lodged in the Thane Central jail said Tare.