MUMBAI : Western Railway (WR) services were hit for nearly an hour in both Up and Down sections after the pentograph of a Churchgate bound local got entangled in the Over Head Equipment (OHE) cable at Virar at Saturday noon. 

Said a WR official, 90594 Up Virar-Churchgate local had left Virar and while it was being diverted from Up to Down line at around 1255 hours, the pentograph of the local got entangled with the OHE, thus both Up and Down traffic was hit for nearly an hour. The OHE was repaired at around 1358 hours and traffic resumed, with the local reversed to Virar station and sent to yard for technical examination, said the official. Being a weekly holiday for government ofices, and also it was non peak hour time, the traffic was hit for an hour,he said.

Some of the trains like 12925 Down  Paschim Express, 19027 Down Mumbai Jammu Vivek Express, 59439 Down Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Passenger, and 19021 Down Mumbai Lucknow Biweekly Express were regulated at Boisar, till traffic resumed normally, he said.